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Top 10 Barcelona and Real Madrid WAGs Combined-2016

Spain is a country where footballing superstars dream to play. The 2 Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid have been the best in the world. But not every player gets the pleasure to play in one of those and compete at the maximum level. With superstars joining in and leaving the club every season, new WAGs arrive in the country. Here we have created the list of Top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid WAGs 2016 combined. After competition on the pitch between the 2 clubs, a competition of most beautiful WAGs is taking place here.

Top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid WAGs 2016 Combined

10. Izabel Andrijanic-Mateo Kovacic

On the 10th spot of our countdown of top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid is Mateo Kovacic’s wife Izabel Andrijanic. Izabel is a blonde beauty who has a Swiss ancestry. The couple is in a stable relationship since the player’s time in Italy when he used to play for Inter Milan. Kovacic told media during an interview that he met Izabel in a church. She was a singer back in her teenage and used to sings in churches. This 21-year-old not only have good looks and singing to offer. She has a bachelor degree in economics.

Mateo Kovacic wag

9. Marina Muntaner-Marcos Asensio

The Real Madrid wonder kid Marco Asensio has returned after a 1-year spell with Espanyol. His debut performances have confirmed that Asensio is the next big star at Real Madrid CF. He has scored in his La Liga and UCL debut for Real Madrid and has reached a goal tally of 6 goals in just 16 appearances this season. Asensio is not only winning on the pitch, but he has bagged a pearl even without entering the stardom yet. His new girlfriend Marina Muntaner is a beauty you can’t take eyes off from. Just like her boyfriend, Marina is a rising star in Spanish modeling industry and a one to look for in the near future. She surely deserves the 9th spot.

Marco Asensio girl friend

8. Daniela Jehle-Ter Stegen

Barcelona’s shot stopper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen moved from Borussia Monchengladbach to Barcelona in 2014 to fill up the gloves of Victor Valdez. He brought her gorgeous Dutch girlfriend Daniela Jehle along. And here we have given her 8th place in our countdown. Daniela is an Architecture student who is constantly seen supporting his boyfriend from the stands. The couple is in a relationship since 2012 and she travels along with Ter Stegen wherever he goes.

Marc Andre Ter Stegen WAG

7. Elena Galera Moron-Sergio Busquets

The Catalan midfielder has an extremely adorable girlfriend named Elena. The rumor of the couple’s relationship started in 2013. Sergio Busquets celebrated his goal vs Sociedad making an “E” with his fingers. The 27 old woman has given birth 2 a baby 2 months from now and the couple shares a healthy relationship.

Sergio Busquets WAG

6. Nuria Trens-Ruben Yanez

The 23-year-old goalkeeper is the third stopper for Real Madrid. He might not be getting play time on the pitch, but he is surely winning off the pitch. His girlfriend Nuria Trens is spot on. This adorable 23 years old girl is a student in Madrid and has been in a relationship from the past 4 years. She deserves the 6th spot in the list of top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid WAGs 2016 combined.

Ruben Yanez girlfriend

5. Coral Simanovich-Sergi Roberto

Coral Simanovich is an American fashion designer and a model who is currently living in Barcelona with her boyfriend Sergi Roberto. Since past 2 seasons, Sergi Roberto has really break through into the first and is the most consistent and versatile player on the pitch for FC Barcelona. Coral Simanovich is a young beauty who have an Instagram account with 190,000 followers who adore her green eyes and adorable look.

Sergi Roberto girlfriend

4. Pilar Rubio-Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos has a girlfriend who could make any man drool. Pilar Rubio is a Spanish news reporter who is in a long-term relationship with Sergio Ramos. The couple started dating since 2013. Before she started her career as a news reporter, Pilar used to pose for various men’s magazines and perform small roles on the big screen. She is in the 4th spot of our countdown of top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid WAGs 2016 combined.

Sergio Ramos wife

3. Bruna Marquezine-Neymar Jr

The young Brazilian sensation Bruna Marquezine is a 21-year-old cutie pie who is a professional actor and model. Neymar and Bruna Marquezine story are full of drama. The couple has split and reignited several times in the past. According to reports, they are dating each other in the present. This hot model surely deserves the 3rd position in the list.

Neymar Jr girlfriend

2. Shakira-Gerard Pique

The Colombian pop star is among one of the most beautiful women in the world. Shakira and Pique met for the first time during 2010 world cup. She sang the most the official FIFA World Cup 2010 and Pique was a part of the video. The story started from there and at the moment, Shakira and Pique have a daughter and a son. During FC Barcelona’s training sessions, Gerard Pique is the player who gets fined the most for arriving late. Well, you can’t blame him for that. Who won’t get late if you have a girlfriend like Shakira at home?

Gerard Pique WAG

1. Daniella Ospina-James Rodriguez

Real Madrid’s number 10 James Rodriguez have a stunning wife Daniella Ospina. Daniella is a Colombian woman who plays volleyball for Real Madrid’s women volleyball team. She is the sister of Arsenal’s goalkeeper David Ospina. her sizzling hot looks deserve the 1st position in our countdown of top 10 Barcelona Real Madrid WAGs 2016 combined.

James Rodriguez wife


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