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Top 10 Footballers Who Slept With Their Teammate’s Wife

A basic rule of the team success is creating a bond and developing an understanding with your mates. There are certain rules to follow, some written and some are assumed to be obvious. Bro code is the most obvious thing between 2 guys and a principle of this tie is to never hit on your mate’s girlfriend or wife. But sometimes things could go nasty and a team’s environment could be rotten. Here are the top 10 footballers who slept with their teammate’s wife or girlfriend and created an air of disgust on the training ground.

Top 10 Footballers Who Slept With Their Teammate’s Wife

10. Jose Altafini

The 70-year-old Brazilian started his footballing career in the mid-1950s. He was one of the most successful strikers of his time. Altafini has dual nationality. He played for both Brazilian and Italian international teams. And spent most of his career in Italy playing for heavyweights Milan, Juventus, and Napoli. During his time at Napoli, Jose gave rise to a controversy. He had an affair with his teammate Paolo Barison’s wife. They spent time in the bed as well. The cheating woman shifted with the new partner in his house and filed a divorced against his former husband.

Jose Altafini

9. Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne play for the same national team. Moreover, these 2 are former teammates at Chelsea as well. In 2014, Kevin De Bruyne’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Lijnen stated that she slept with Thibaut Courtois to revenge her ex. While Caroline and the midfielder were a couple, De Bruyne had a side affair with Caroline’s friend. So to revenge this betrayal, she presented herself to Thibaut Courtois. Things between the 2 football players were sorted out and now they play peacefully for Belgium.

Thibaut Courtois

8. John Harkes

John Harkes is an American international retired football player. He was the captain of USA’s national team during his time. In 1998, USA’s coach announced the squad for 1998 world cup. John Harkes’ name was not on the list. After some time, coach revealed the reason to drop him out. He was accused of having a brief affair with his teammate Eric Wynalda’s wife.

John Harkes

7. Christian Keller

The 36 years old Randers FC player Christian Keller is in the 7th spot of our list of top 10 footballers who slept with their teammate’s wife. Christian Keller is dated his teammate Jonas Boring’s wife. Although Jonas and his wife were not in a relation at that time. But they still live in the same house to raise their kids together. Jonas has refused to play for the club despite having a one year contract left.

Christian Keller

6. Mauro Icardi

The 23 years old Mauro Icardi has established himself as one of the top strikers in a very short period after making his debut. During his time at Sampdoria, he was a close friend of his teammate, Maxi Lopez. He knew the fact that Maxi and his wife Wanda Nara were not happy together. But this doesn’t justify his act. He started hitting on his Wanda Nara. This caused the couple to file a divorce. Soon after the divorce was official, Icardi and Nara got married and now have 2 daughters within 2 years of marriage.

Mauro Icardi

5. Jean-Francois Larios

Jean-Francois Larios was a star player back in the 1970s and 1980s. He played with Michel Platini at Saint-Étienne and French national team. The two were also part of French national team for 1982 world club squad. The coach was depending upon these 2 players. After only 2 games, Jean-Francois’ affair with the wife of Michel Platini was exposed. Michel offered both the club and country to choose between him or Jean. Both the teams criticized Jean for his misconduct and supported Platini.

Jean-Francois Larios

4. Jordan Ayew

On the 4th place of the list of top 10 footballers who slept with their teammate’s wife is Jordan Ayew. The Aston Villa striker is a great player on the pitch. But he has done a nasty thing off it. He had an illegal affair with the wife of his Ghana national teammate Afriyie Acquah. The affair caused a divorce between the married couple.

Jordan Ayew

3. John Terry

John Terry is a Chelsea legend for obvious reasons. But he is one of the bad guys in the football as well. He has a long list of scandals in the past. But the biggest of them all was his affair with his teammate Wayne Bridge’s wife. After Bridge left Chelsea, he refused to shake hands with John Terry before a game.

John Terry

2. Mesut Ozil

The assist king Mesut Ozil is one of the most respected football players in the world. He is known to assist others on the field. His love for assisting might be the reason why he got involved with his German teammate Christen Lell’s girlfriend. Maybe he wanted to assist Lell in keeping his wife physically satisfied.

Mesut Ozil

1. Paul Terry

The worst among the top 10 footballers who slept with their teammate’s wife is Paul Terry. Paul is the brother of John Terry. Paul Terry had an affair with the fiancee of his club teammate Dale Roberts. Everyone in the team supported Dale Roberts. It was demanded that Paul should be terminated immediately. Dale couldn’t handle the embarrassment and committed a suicide in 2010.

Paul Terry

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