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Top 10 Most Brutal Fouls in Football History

Football is a game having respect and passion as it’s integral parts. But it can be brutal sometimes. Fouls and injuries are a regular sight during a game. On occasions, fouls have been horrific for the players receiving it. Here is a list of top 10 horrific brutal fouls in football history.

Top 10 Horrific Brutal Fouls in Football History

10. Mario Balotelli

During his time at Inter Milan, Mario Balotelli was in his top form. He had s

kills and goal scoring abilities. During a game between AS Roma and Inter Milan, Balotelli provoked Francesco Totti. In turn, Totti made a horrific brutal foul on the Italian youngster. Luckily, Balotelli didn’t get any major injury, but Totti was sent off for his kick on Mario’s right foot.

9. Xabi Alonso

On the 9th spot of the list of top 10 horrific fouls in football history is a flying kick from World Cup 2010 final. The final between Spain and Netherlands was a tensed game with both sides looking to dominate their opponent. The game consisted of a number of fouls but this one was the most horrific one. To everyone’s surprise, De Jong was shown only a yellow card for showing his Karate skills on a football pitch. That deserved a straight red card.

8. Lionel Messi

During Real Madrid’s humiliation at the Camp Nou in 2010, Sergio Ramos lost his temperament completely. It was his frustration that came out as a foul on Messi. When he couldn’t find a way to stop the Argentine, he kicked Messi hard and brought him down. Moreover, he slapped his Spanish team-mates Xavi and Puyol right after that wrongdoing with Messi.

7. Francisco Casquero

The Portuguese and Real Madrid man Pepe is often regarded as “The Animal”. Although he is a solid defender at the back, his harsh tackles and non-professional behavior on the pitch has made him one of the most hated footballers on the planet. During a league fixture between Real Madrid and Getafe, Pepe fouled the Getafe captain Francisco Casquero. Not only he brought him down, he literally kicked the player 3-4 times on his back.

6. Lionel Messi

The 2nd league fixture of the season 2015/16 between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona was played at the Camp Nou. Barcelona had the lead with a scoreline 2-1. Before the end of the first half, Lionel Messi received the ball on the right flank on the pitch. The Brazilian Filipe Luis made a challenge and struck Messi’s knee with his toe boots. Although Messi didn’t receive any serious injury, but he was down for almost 10 minutes and needed medical assistance on the pitch. These types of tackles could instantly end a player’s career.

5. Neymar Jr

Neymar was starring for Brazil in 2014 World Cup. But his run in the competition ended during the quarter final game between Germany and Colombia. Colombian player Juan Camilo Zuniga hit Neymar’s back with his knee. The Brazilian’s vertebra got fractured and he was out of action for almost 3 months.

4. Francesco Totti

During a game between AS Roma and Empoli, Totti was fouled by another Italian player Richard Vanigli. Due to that tackle, Totti fractured his Ebula. He took 3 months to fully recover.

3. Mehdi Carcela Gonzalez

The current Granada player Mehdi Carcela Gonzalez used to play in Portugal for Benfica. During a league fixture, Mehdi Carcela was in a ball tussle with an opponent player. The other player made a clumsy challenge by hitting hard on Mehdi’s face with his foot. Mehdi was seviourly injured with that foul. He got several fractures on his face and lost a teeth.

2. James Vaughan

On the 2nd place of the list of top 10 horrific brutal fouls in football history is James Vaughan’s ankle cut. While playing a game in Premier League for Everton, James Vaughan received a foul inside the box. His artery exploded and his boot was immediately full of blood and he was horrified after he had a glimpse of his foot.

1. Patrick Battiston

8 July 1982 recorded an incident that will go down in the history as the greatest nightmare of a footballer. The retired French footballer Patrick Battiston came off the bench during the semi-final of the World Cup 1982. It was a game between 2 arch-rivals Germany and France. Patrick was in a goal scoring position 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. The German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher came out of the box and collided with the player. The hit was so hard that Patrick got 3 broken teeth, damaged vertebrae, and a few cracked bones. He was unconscious for around half an hour after the foul. Moreover, Patrick was in a state of coma for 1 month, and it took him 6 months to recover fully. This foul is in the first place of our list of top 10 horrific brutal fouls in football history.

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