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Top 10 Lob and Chip Goals of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, the goal machine, carrying Barcelona’s attack on his back since a decade now. His finishing skills are not confined to powerful shot. He uses incredible techniques and skills. The finishes he do most spectacularly is chipping the goalkeeper. It has became his symbol and signature shot. He has been chipping the goalkeepers in mesmerizing manner. Even his first goal for Barcelona was also a chip goal. It is difficult to rank his chips, but here is a small effort to mark Top 10 Lob and Chip Goals of Lionel Messi.

10. FCB vs Arsenal (2009/10):

Another brilliant performance from Lionel against Arsenal in 2009/10 with 4 goals at Camp Nou. A chip, just before half-time completed Messi’s hat-trick and increased Barcelona’s lead to 2 goals.


9. FCB vs Mallorca (2010/11):

2010/11, the season Messi won his 3rd Champions League, Messi scored this brilliant lob goal from a long lob pass by a teammate against Mallorca.

8. FCB vs Levante (2014/15):

Another long range goal vs Levante in the season 2015/16. A chip from the edge of the box after dancing away from the defenders.

7. Argentina vs Mexico (2007):

 How can’t someone accept that this guy is the best ever. This young Messi, sweetly striking a long range chip against Mexico in Copa America 2007 increasing Argentina’s lead by 2 goals.

6. FCB vs Granada (2011/12):

Messi, once again rose to the occasion and gave Barca lead over Granada CF. In 2012, the year of Messi’s goal rush, Messi receives an excellent long ball from Dani Alves beating the offside trap and chips the goalkeeper in one-on-one situation.

5. FCB vs AS Roma (2015/16):

After recovering from injury in 2015, Messi coming back in scoring ways with a brilliant performance against AS Roma in UCL group stages. Barcelona won by a massive scoreline 6-1. Messi scored this goal after an incredible tiki-taka involving Neymar and Suarez and then chipping the goalkeeper.


4. FCB vs Real Madrid (2008/09):

A fast counter-attack by Barcelona in the 2nd Classico of the first treble winning year in extra time, Messi receives a pass from Henry and beautifully chipping Casillas. A failed attempt from Roberto Carlos to stop the shot.

3. FCB vs Sevilla (2011/12):

This goal may be regarded as his one of the best chip goals. He receives the ball just outside the box, nutmegs a Sevilla player followed by a chip to the goalkeeper from the left wing.

2. FC Barcelona vs Tenerife (2010):

Barcelona played an away match against Tenerife in 2010 in which Messi scored a hat-trick. His third goal was a long range chip which gave FCB a 4-0 lead over Tenerife. The game ended up with Barcelona winning by 5 goals margin.

1. FCB vs Bayern Munich (2014/15):

Which Barcelona fan don’t remember this goal. Beautiful chip over Manuel Neuer, leaving Boateng on the ground. This goal is remembered by Martin Taylor’s commentary words:

“Here he is again, here he is again. That’s astonishing, it’s absolutely world class.”

What a performance of Messi against Bayern Munich in UCL semi-final 2015.


Top 10 Lob and Chip Goals of Lionel Messi

10. FCB vs Arsenal (2009/10)

9. FCB vs Mallorca (2010/11)

8. FCB vs Levante (2014/15)

7. Argentina vs Mexico (2007)

6. FCB vs Granada (2011/12)

5. FCB vs AS Roma (2015/16)

4. FCB vs Real Madrid (2008/09)

3. FCB vs Sevilla (2011/12)

2. FC Barcelona vs Tenerife (2010)

1. FCB vs Bayern Munich (2014/15)


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