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Top 10 Players With Most Powerful Shots in Football History

Every football player depends upon some of his strengths. None could have it all to be a perfect player. Some have powerful shots through which they capitalize. A player, known for powerful shots standing behind the ball to take a free kick, is the worst nightmare of a goalkeeper and the defending wall. Here are the top 10 players with most powerful shots in football history. Some players among the list are popular worldwide and have a big fan following. Whereas others couldn’t rise high in their career, but their shots deserve to be on the list.

Top 10 Players With Most Powerful Shots in Football History

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

On the 10th spot of our list of top 10 players with most powerful shots in football history is the Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan started his career at Malmo FC and went on to play for elite clubs like Ajax, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, and Manchester United. His current form in England doesn’t show any signs of him retiring any soon. He has height, strength, and techniques for being a perfect poacher. His shot power is something to admire and is a regular free kick taker for his team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

9. Paul Scholes

The ex-Manchester United player Paul Scholes is on the 9th position of the list. Scholes was an important part of Sir Alex’s Manchester United that dominated the English football. Although he was a midfielder and mostly played a defensive role, but he scored a total of 155 goals on the club level. Apart from vision and passing accuracy, Paul had power in his shots and often scored goals from outside the box. He saved Manchester United a number of times in his career from losing or drawing the game.

Paul Scholes

8. Ronald Koeman

A crucial part of Johan Cruyff’s dream team, Ronald Koeman, is Everton’s coach right now. He has impressed during his managerial spells with other clubs and is expected to be the successor of Luis Enrique at the club. Ronald Koeman has the record of being the highest scoring defender in the game. With 253 goals with club and country, Ronald Koeman retired as a player. One of the major reasons for his goal scoring tally was his powerful shot. His powerful right foot won FC Barcelona it’s first Champions League trophy. He features on the 8th spot of our list of top 10 players with most powerful shots in Football history.

Ronald Koeman

7. David Luiz

Another defender on the list is Chelsea FC’s defender David Luiz. David Luiz is a strong defender with stamina and ability to read the game. He has been in a great form since he has returned to England from the French League 1. Although David Luiz is a defender, he often takes free-kicks for his team. He has great power along with the technique and the curve and has scored a large number of goals throughout his career.

David Luiz

6. Adriano

The Brazilian striker Adriano was a great player during the start of his career. But his inconsistency has caused his career to fall from hero to zero and has eventually wasted his talent. He was given nickname as “The Emperor” during his time Italy. Although he couldn’t achieve anything significant in his career, but was a master freekick taker and long range goal scorer.

adriano leite ribeiro

5. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

The Dutch international Hasselbaink is one of the legendary strikers of the game. He played for the big teams like Leeds United and Chelsea FC. His shots had such a power that sometimes the goalkeeper didn’t even bother to make an effort to stop. He has a record of scoring a free-kick with a speed of 230km/hr. He is the 5th out of top 10 players with most powerful shots in football history.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

4. Paul Pogba

The French international was once declared unnecessary by Manchester United and sold to Juventus for free. But the same Manchester United bought him again for a world record fee of 89 million pounds. The young talented midfielder Paul Pogba is one of the best players in the world and is still improving. Along with skills, passing, and vision, Pogba has a sensational shot power and has scored a number of goals from distance. He is in the 4th spot of top 10 players with most powerful shots in football history.

Paul Pogba

3. Steven Reid

The 35 years old Englishman retired in 2015 after playing his last spell at the Burnley. Steven didn’t score a lot of goals in his career. But whenever he did, he makes sure it was a screamer from a long range. He is known for his strike from long range which was struck at a speed of 189km/hr.

Steven Reid

2. Roberto Carlos

The Brazilian left-back Roberto Carlos is one of the legends of the game. He was the most attack minded fullback ever to play the game. Roberto Carlos was known for his free-kicks from long range. His curl and strength in the shots were impossible for a goalkeeper and defending line. His most memorable free-kick were against France which left the world in shock.

Roberto Carlos

1. Hulk

On the first spot of our list is another Brazilian. Hulk is a 30-year-old forward who is playing in the Chinese Super league and earning loads through his contract. He has immense power in his left foot and his long range strikes don’t give goalkeepers enough chance to stop the ball going in the back of the net.


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