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Top 10 Virtually Impossible Goals of Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona’s number 10 has been the current best for quite some time now. He has been dominating European football winning 4 Champions League in 10 years. Since he began to play, he has given shocking moments numerous times. But some of his goals seems quite impossible from the eye of a normal human. Only he has the vision to sniff out the chance out of nowhere. Here is a list of top 10 virtually impossible goals of Lionel Messi.

10.UD Almeria (2014/15):

In 2014/15, during a clash between Barcelona and UD Almeria in which Messi made the difference with his first goal. He came from the right wing dribbling past a defender. There was very little space and the angle was almost impossible. But he is Lionel Messi, nothing is impossible for him. He bent the ball towards the far post with a sweet shot and the ball went in.

9. AC Milan (2012/13):

Barcelona made an excellent comeback after losing 2-0 to AC Milan in 2013 during UCL knockout stage. The first goal of the game was scored by Lionel Messi when Barcelona wanted it the most. He was literally surrounded by 5 Milan players and had no space. Yet he managed to shoot from outside the box, lifted the ball up and the ball ended in the net.

8. VFB Stuttgart (2009/10):

A similar kind of a goal as compared to the previous one. Messi received the ball in the middle of the pitch and dribbled past a defender. There were 3 defenders around him but nobody could stop him from scoring this spectacular goal.

7. Malaga CF (2008/09):

Messi receives the ball from Xavi on the right wing and showed excellent chest control that drops down a defender. After that, Messi reached inside the box surrounded by 2 defenders but showed incredible balance and the result was same. GOAL!

6. Athletic Club Bilbao (2012/13):

Can you think of dribbling past a first division team’s defense like it is a kid’s team? Well, Lionel Messi is just that much good. His run against Bilbao’s defenders is something your eyes won’t believe.

5. Iran (2014-World Cup):

The goal that qualified World Cup knockout stages for Argentina was Leo Messi’s last-minute goal. Whole of the Iranian defense was present in the box and space was very tight. Still, he managed to curve the ball to the far post from outside the box and scored the goal.

4. Getafe (2006/07):

The goal of the century by Lionel Messi scored against Getafe. It was basically a tribute to Leo’s ideal Diego Maradona who scored a similar goal against England. Dribbling past whole of the team while getting the ball from the middle of the pitch, is just unbelievable.

3. Real Madrid:

Imagine a situation! Playing a UCL semi-final being played between two arch rivals who are also the 2 best clubs in the world. Whole of the opponent team ready in a 4-4-2 formation. Can anyone take the ball and dribble past all of them and score? Yes, Lionel Messi can do.

2. Atletico Madrid (2011/12):

This free kick by Lionel Messi is his best free kick ever. The impossible curl on the far post left the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois speechless. The Vincente Calderon crowd get stunned as Messi scored this goal at a crucial time.

1. Athletic Club Bilbao (2014/15):

The Copa Del Rey final in 2015 was played between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. Lionel Messi opened the scoring with this out of the world solo goal. Physics formulas and calculations prove it to be scientifically impossible.

List of Top 10 Virtually Impossible Goals of Lionel Messi

10. UD Almeria (2014/15)

9. AC Milan (2012/13)

8. VFB Stuttgart (2009/10)

7. Malaga CF (2008/09)

6. Athletic Club Bilbao (2012/13)

5. Iran (2014-World Cup

4. Getafe (2006/07)

3. Real Madrid

2. Atletico Madrid (2011/12)

1. Athletic Club Bilbao (2014/15)

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