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Top 50 Best Assists by Lionel Messi

Leo has always been known for his prolific goal-scoring abilities. However, over the past few years, we have seen another side to Leo Messi – the play maker in him has truly come out. While Leo is naturally gifted in all aspects of the game, his special ability to hold on to the ball and run around the defense makes him an ideal fit for a play maker. Add to that his ability to envision attacks and you have a great player creating as many goals as he scores. Top 50 best assists by Lionel Messi can be see in this video but here we have chosen some of his best assists.

10. Vs Arsenal:

Messi ran onto the defense which signaled to his supporting attackers to move up the field too. It was almost synchronous and Messi very easily found David Villa with a beautiful pass.

9. Vs Almeria:

Messi has a thing for lobbed balls, and he just showed it here again. The pass pierced the opponent team’s defence diagonally and it was magnificent to watch.

8. Vs Valencia:

Messi had the entire defense surrounding him, and then out of nowhere we see a sublime pass to pedro who makes no mistake in finishing it off.

7. Vs Real Madrid:

Another great pass which showed how well the Argentinian linked up with Iniesta. This also goes to show that Messi wasn’t always on the receiving end but that he also created a decent number of chances.

6. Vs Villa Real:

This was a beautiful example of how you make a long range through ball without messing up the precision – take notes, kids!

5. Vs Real Madrid:

While Messi has never disappointed when it comes to scoring against the arch rivals, this cheeky little assist was akin to adding insult to injury. Messi lobbed the ball and did it with precision, it was just brilliant.

4. Vs Levante:

This was such a masterpiece of an assist that anyone who saw it was left stunned. Messi cut diagonally across the defense and before the defenders could figure out what was happening, the pass had already been made.

3. Vs Inter:

This one at the club level, the beautiful assist was so low-key yet so powerful it was almost musical.

2. Vs Albania:

Another wonderful touch by Messi, this assist shows his ability to see spaces where there exist none.

1. Vs Portugal:

While Messi may be criticized for underperforming for his national side, this was certainly one of those moments where he truly shined. In his trademark fashion, Messi carried the attack all on his own and then let the ball loose to be converted easily by his team-mate into a goal.

This list shows ‘some’ (and not all) the best assists Messi has made over the course of his career. Hopefully, we will continue to see more of these in the future as Messi ages and moves from the strike to the midfield.

Top 50 Best Assists by Lionel Messi

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