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Twist in the Tunnel Incident-Mikel Arteta Insulted Messi

Another Twist in the Tunnel Incident, According to Spanish media, a player insulted Lionel Messi after Manchester City beat Barcelona 3-1 at the Etihad Stadium. At first, the name of the player was unknown. Later he came out to be Manchester City’s midfielder Fernandinho. Messi reacted by calling the player “fool” and looked for him in City’s dressing room. Fernandinho denied any involvement in the matter, while Sergio Aguero stated that nothing serious happened in the tunnel. According to the latest reports, a member of Manchester City’s coaching staff was the actual culprit. Spanish channel La Sexta TV claimed the Guardiola’s co-assistant Mikel Arteta insulted Messi in the tunnel and he was the actual one to increase the heat of the moment. “What are you waiting for? Move your ass, silly boy!” were the words of Mikel Arteta when he saw Messi in the tunnel.

Twist in the Tunnel incident-Mikel Arteta insulted Messi

Tunnel Incident-Mikel Arteta insulted Messi after the game between Barcelona and Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium

Mikel Arteta Denies the Claims

The Spanish radio Onda Cero wasted no time and found a way to talk to Mikel Arteta. During his interview, Mikel explained the series of events that took place after Barcelona’s defeat. Arteta wanted to talk to Messi after the game, but Messi was waiting to speak to the referee. He was angry and distressed due to the loss. Moreover, when Arteta spoke to Messi in the tunnel, he was rude to the Spaniard and talked in an insulting way. The Spaniard claimed that he didn’t anything insulting to the Barcelona man and all the accusations are absurd.

Mikel Arteta insulted Messi

Guardiola said “It is impossible that Mikel Arteta insulted Messi

While talking to the press before City’s game against Middlesbrough, Guardiola spoke about this controversy as well. According to him, Mikel Arteta is a La Masia graduate and has great admiration and respect for Lionel Messi and Barcelona. Hence he also denied the claims and backed Mikel Arteta to be uninvolved in the matter.


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