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5 Reasons Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo

We are currently living in possibly the most exciting football era of all times, and it is largely thanks to the two titans that dominate the football world today; Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two prolific footballers have achieved unprecedented heights in their career which have made them living legends. Not only have these two provided us with spectacular football, they have also kick started almost a rivalry, with fans of both players trying to prove how their favorite player is better than the other. While we are unbiased, there are somethings that make each player different from the other. Let us take a look at 5 reasons why Lionel Messi is better than Ronaldo.

1. Composure:

Messi is undoubtedly one of the calmest players on the pitch. You rarely see him involved in scuffles, neither do you see him sulking or having a go at the referee. Like a true legend, Leo struts his stuff with his footballing skills. Composure is also important when the pressure is high. A few months ago, when Barcelona’s form dipped, it was Messi’s cool-minded brilliance that brought them back from the edge and saved the team a number of times from certain defeats.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Composure

2. Dribbling:

There can be no other argument about this. Messi is certainly a better dribbler. Ronaldo fans may argue otherwise, but to a neutral eye, Messi takes the cake with his close control and his mesmerizing runs. Sure, Ronaldo has acceleration, strength and speed but if we compare the two, all defenders will agree that it is more difficult to stop Messi than Ronaldo.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Dribbling

3. Assist Making:

While Ronaldo is globally known for scoring some truly terrific goals, it is Messi who comes out on top when we compare the ability to create a goal. Messi has a certain ability to create space for fellow strikers so that they may score when all eyes are on him. He creates some truly magical passes that masterfully cut through opponent’s defense. His eye for assists is another one of his strong suits.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Assist Making

4. Agility:

Messi is not a tall player, but that has not handicapped his skill. The Argentinian prodigy is one of the most agile players out there – which helps him avoid injuries despite being roughly treated by defenders of the opposing team. Messi’s agility also allows him to move fast and leave the defenders in his dust.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Agility

5. Team player:

One of the biggest accusations on Ronaldo’s style of play is his selfishness. His teammates are often left without the ball despite being in a better position because Ronaldo wanted to score the goal himself. Messi is the opposite of this. Leo is as much a team player as any other player – he has played with many legends and has never felt the need to hold the ball to himself which is in stark contrast to what his fellow titan does on the pitch.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Team Player

While Messi is certainly better in many areas, there are other aspects of the game where Ronaldo takes the lead. What needs to be remembered is that both of them are completely different players but are of an equally great stature and need to be respected by all fans alike.

Why Lionel Messi is Better Than Ronaldo-Main

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