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Workout Routine and Daily Exercises of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is the best player in the world, and not just in recent times, he is the best ever. He is a technically gifted guy and could use his pace very well. But this is not enough. An athlete has to design his exercises according to his area of focus. Lionel Messi is a very health conscious and hard working person who stick to strict diet and workout plan. In this article we will discuss workout routine and daily exercises of Lionel Messi.

 Lionel Messi’s workout routine is very tough and focuses on agility and fast movement. He is 5 feet 7 inches and only 67 kgs, so small and fast as flee. This is the reason his nickname is “La Pulga” which means “The Flea”. After Champions League final in 2015, the midfield sensation Paul Pogba commented about Messi:

“He is so small and so fast. You can’t catch him.”

Lionel Messi’s workout enforces on increasing speed and agility.

Friedman, workout planner for professional and high-class athletes, explains how to increase agility and speed.

“First, you have got to be explosive and powerful, then, you have got to be stable enough through your ankles, hips, and trunk to be ready to deliver that power with efficiency into the ground. And at last, you have got to deliver the power into the ground within the right direction.”

In order for Messi to play in this manner, he perform 2 types of workout. The primary of that focuses on linear speed. Linear speed workouts target speed and coordination during a linear sense, which means forward and backward. The coaching plan promotes powerful bursts of speed and conjointly abrupt retardation. These workouts put a stress on the athletes’ arms, that drive their acceleration. Focusing on linear speed is very important for a player as it teaches speed, coordination, fast acceleration and retardation. These all are things you’ll encounter on the field while attempting to keep up along with your opponents.

Messi’s second exercise focuses on multi directional speed. These exercises help him to accelerate in numerous directions with stability, coordination, and speed. This also increases the agility. Faster the moment, more is the chance to get pass the players.

Both workouts focus on increasing stability, speed and foot coordination. The exercises that Messi do are as follows:

1. The ‘W’ run:

This exercise is a mean to practice explosive speed. 5 cones are used to form a ‘W’ shape on the ground. Distance between each verticle cone is 10 meters and the verticle distance is set to 5 meters between each cone. The exercise includes a series of alternative forward and backward runs. The first step is to start a backward run between 2 cones. Next is a forward run between the next 2. This continues in the same manner and the ‘W’ ends with 2 forward and 2 backward runs. A pause of 20 seconds and begin from the other side.

W Run - Leo Messi Workout Routine and Exercises

2. Dead leg run:

8 hurdles are set up in a straight line, and last one with a gap of 5 meters. Only one leg is allowed to jump over each hurdle. During the last hurdle, the athlete has to sprint. After this repeat with the other leg.

Dead leg run - Workout Routine and Daily Exercises of Lionel Messi

3. Horizontal Hop:

Six cones are used in such a way that 3 cones are set in straight line at a hopping distance.  The 2 remaining ones are placed five meters away from the last cone making 45-degree angle each. This means one is placed to the right and another one to the left. The last one is to be placed in the same direction as the other 3 cones but 5 meters away. The exercise is to be started by hopping over the tree initial cones. After that, make a sprint to any one of the other 3 cones. Repeat the same to go to the initial point and change the final cone every time within the available 3.

Horizontal Hop - Lionel Messi Exercises

4. Get-ups:

This exercise includes lying down on the ground for 5 seconds, then get up quickly and sprint 5 meters. This workout increasing body co-ordination and agility.

Get-ups - Lionel Messi daily Workout routine

5. 2-footed bounds:

This is same as horizontal hops. The only difference is that instead of hoping with 1 leg, bound with both legs during the initial 3 cones.

These exercises are the ones that are regular in Lionel Messi’s workout plans and are reasons that Messi has great agility, speed, and acceleration.

2-footed bounds - Workout Routine of Lionel Messi

Workout Routine and Daily Exercises of Lionel Messi

  1. The ‘W’ run
  2. Dead leg run
  3. Horizontal Hop
  4. Get-ups
  5. 2-footed bounds

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